As part of Synergy Vision’s 10-year anniversary celebrations, the team are taking part in 10 challenges in a bid to raise £10K for two charities very important to us: the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Saint Laurence’s Larder and Open Kitchen. This month, Becky and Kate took on the epic challenge of cycling miles from London to Dublin. The route saw them cycle from Richmond Park in London across to Swindon, then over the Severn bridge into Wales, up and down the hills of the Brecon Beacons to Pembroke dock, across to Rosslare, Ireland (on a ferry – they didn’t cycle that bit) and finally up to Dublin.  



Best bit?

Becky: So many great bits, but for me the feeling when we got to the top of a massive, seemingly endless hill in Wales was a particular highlight – the view was amazing, the sun was shining and the sense of achievement was pretty awesome. Kate and I celebrated with a high five, a jelly baby and a selfie J

Kate: I enjoyed every second of it! Especially the rewarding downhill descents we sped down after some tiring hills. Thankfully, the weather was in our favour and it was a great way to see the English, Welsh and Irish countryside. 

Worst bit?

Becky: Potholes! There’s not a lot of shock absorption on a road bike, so my wrists and my bum felt every bump in the road! Thank god for padded shorts.

Kate: I agree, some roads were not the smoothest, and on some roads we were cycling against very strong headwind, which was hard work!

Top tip?

Becky: Breaking down long distances into manageable chunks – we set up meeting points with the support team every 20–25 miles so we knew we were never too far from a flapjack!

Kate: We both had phone holders on our handlebars, which were great, and Becky had pre-programmed our daily routes onto Strava. This meant we both knew the way and could take turns in leading. We only made wrong turns once or twice and never went drastically off route, getting lost would have been very annoying! I’d definitely recommend for long rides!

In summary…

An amazing 5 days of cycling, some great tan lines, lots of laughs and most importantly, we raised £1,780 in donations! We couldn’t have done it without our amazing support team who planned everything, motivated us every pedal of the way, and even made sure there was a cold pint of Guinness waiting for us in Dublin! A great team effort, thank you guys!


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