People first: Insights into what being a great place to work really means

Our team-first ethos has been rewarded again: Synergy Vision has been ranked 2nd in the UK Best Workplaces Awards – Small Business category, of 132 nominees. It’s an amazing achievement, building on last year’s 11th-place finish in the Awards, organized annually by the Great Place to Work© Institute. This endorsement reflects our continued support for employee well-being and professional and personal development within the company. Synergy Vision is delighted to be recognized externally for putting our people first, but what does the experience mean in everyday work life? Three of our staff provide insights.

Reinforcing the choice to come on board

“I thought it was really sweet, and quite typical of Synergy Vision, that the people going to the ceremony were drawn by lottery. Plus, I was obviously super-excited, because it meant that I could join in, even though I’m new to the team,” says Emma Eden, Medical Writer. “From what I’ve seen so far, the award was very well-deserved. On a personal level, everyone is incredibly welcoming and supportive at Synergy Vision, but I can also tell there is a big difference in the general culture here. A lot of effort is dedicated to checking that everyone is supported and happy, even though agency life can be famously demanding – I’m very much looking forward to what’s to come.”

Feeling proud of what we achieve

“When it was announced that we’d finished in 2nd place, I couldn’t help but feel a huge sense of achievement,” says Sadiya Khan, Senior Account Executive, Medical Education. “As a team, we’re all encouraged to promote wellbeing and contribute to a positive culture, and it's amazing to be recognized for that.”

“Most of my friends can't get their heads around what med comms is, but when I tell them all the fabulous things Synergy Vision do and that we won this award, they respond with ‘Wow, do they have a job opening for me?’"

Connecting professional and personal satisfaction

“I’m so proud that I’m lucky enough to not only to share this with my colleagues, but to be part of a company that has managed to reach such an amazing achievement,” says Christina Szendi, Senior Account Manager, Events. “I’ve shared some photos of the night on social media and received a text message the next day from my dad back in Hungary saying that he nearly teared up, and that he’s very proud of where I work. This short and sweet text meant so much from him – someone who doesn’t do social media or emails, and texts once a year.”

“This really filled me with even more pride that I’m working for such an organization that brings my dad close to tears – speaks volumes for sure!”

Embracing the commitment

Synergy Vision’s commitment to our employees has been previously recognized by the Great Places to Work© Institute with an Excellence in Wellbeing 2018 award. Employee wellbeing, work/life balance, and personal and professional development are at the heart of our work culture. So even while we’re basking in the honour of being the highest-ranked Best Workplace among medical communications agencies, we’re devising new ways to innovate for our people through 2019 and beyond.

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