A new chapter and fresh perspective: Q&A with Vanessa!

Tell us about your previous work in healthcare events planning and marketing; what were your main responsibilities?

My role as Marketing Coordinator for a medical equipment supplier was, what I would now describe as, a job of three parts: marketing, creativity, and operations. My main responsibilities were producing company-branded marketing materials and exhibition booth designs, sharing content online (e.g. websites and social media), and managing logistics for exhibitions to ensure the company was effectively promoted.

What made you want to make the move to medcomms?

Every day felt like Groundhog Day before I started at Synergy Vision. I was in desperate need of a change and thought, what better way to instigate change than to make a bold move, venture out of my comfort zone, and start a new career. It wasn’t a conscious decision to move into medcomms, and I wouldn’t say that I fully understood what a career in medcomms would involve in the beginning, but I am so thankful that I took the leap! I knew I wanted to move into a career that tapped into my professional strengths and skills but also challenged me. I didn’t want to leave my events background behind, and I wanted to ensure that I stayed within an industry that makes a difference to people’s lives.

Which parts of your previous experience are you now applying to medcomms?

I didn’t come from a medcomms background, but Synergy Vision must have employed me for a reason, right? To begin with, I did wonder if they had made a mistake, but I’m certain now that this wasn’t the case; the recruitment process ensured that I was the perfect fit for the role. Throughout my career, I have been a strong believer in building relationships both internally and externally. This is one of the assets that I have brought with me to Synergy Vision, and I feel like the team and clients have fully embraced my personality and fresh perspective.

What things are you still getting used to?

I’m still getting used to the pace at Synergy Vision and juggling multiple projects at the same time. But the office is a happy, buzzing hub and is a fantastic environment to thrive in. The team is there to provide support and encouragement, as well as constructive feedback, when necessary, so I know they always have my back! Good work is regularly rewarded and never goes unnoticed, and I always know what is expected of me. It’s a great place to develop and grow!

What do you enjoy most about Synergy Vision?

Synergy Vision is fresh, vibrant, and work never feels like a chore. I learn something new every day, and if I’m unsure, there’s always someone who’s happy to help. Flexible working hours and working a 4-day week allow me to have a good work–life balance, especially when juggling time around school runs, breakfast, and afterschool clubs.

What are your hobbies? How do you bring your full self to work each day?

I enjoy going to the gym and taking part in power pump and yoga classes. When I get the chance, I love eating out and going to comedy shows, the theatre, museums, and art galleries. I bring my full self to work each day because I am excited by what the day will entail, working alongside a team that encourages me to be my best self.

Tell us one thing you're really proud of.

I’m proud of being a mum, and not only a mum but a full-time working, single mum. I’m often asked “How do you do it? It must be really hard,” and I will never shy away from the fact that YES, at times, it can be, but it’s also rewarding. It’s empowering and immensely satisfying to challenge the assumption that you can’t raise a child as a single parent while enjoying a great career. I’m proof that you can!

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