Synergy Vision is now an employee-owned company!

Synergy Vision (SV) have transferred to employee ownership (EO) securing our long-term future and helping put our team in control.


Since SV was founded in 2007, we have always put our people first, implementing a number of bold initiatives, such as the successful four-day working week policy.


Ffyona Dawber, SV founder and CEO said: “EO is a natural step forward for Synergy Vision. We have transferred 87.5% of the company to our employees, which protects our people-focused ethos and will drive continued innovation for clients, as well as growth and long-term sustainability.  


“EO secures the future for SV and is a legacy of which we are immensely proud.”


The move to EO means that 87.5% of the company has been transferred to the employees, securing our future as an independent agency for years to come.

As well as having a stake in SV, our team will now have an even greater voice in how our business is run, with Senior Medical Writer, Richard Maver, appointed to the Employee Ownership Trust as employee representative following a vote by employees.  


Richard said: “Having joined SV almost four years ago, I’ve seen first-hand some major shifts – from small to medium-sized company, a five-to a four-day working week, and many more – yet, moving to EO is the most interesting of them all.


“This move not only exemplifies the board’s core principle to always put employees first, it’s also a fresh approach that gives all involved a sense of ownership and reassurance in these strange times.


“I’m looking forward to the work over the next few years and hope to unlock the power of employee engagement – with the aim to nurture an even more innovative, forward-thinking and productive culture.”


As of 1st March 2021 SV became an employee-owned company. All original shareholders and Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) share option holders signed over 87.5% of the company to the Synergy Vision Trust which has been set up for the benefit of all employees.

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